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Developer Connection UK
Developer Connection is the ideal place to find the best Magento developers based in the United Kingdom. On this website there are many Magento developers listed and up for taking on various Magento projects from Magento project owners. Developer Connection is an online marketplace for Magento developers. UK Magento projects can find support in some of the best Magento developers listed on the Developer Connection website. Developer Connection manages to virtually unite some of the best Magento developers based in the UK and project managers that need a helping hand for their Magento project. Access the Developer Connection website to quickly find and hire Magento developers.
Address: Union House, 111 New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2NT, West Midlands
Tel: 02477 350064
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SEO Services UK


Go to SEO TT UK for efficient SEO tips provided by an SEO expert that will see your website jump higher spot after spot in the Google search engine results pages.
SEO TT provides responsive web design services alongside SEO services. He is considered by many as a SEO expert that can help change the fate of website which is not showing up in Google searches, so contact the owner of SEOTT and see what he thinks of your website now.

Seo TT

A website belonging to a SEO expert and SEO Consultant from the UK that offers free information about SEO optimisation and inbound marketing techniques. Also contains SEO packages for other SEO specialists or experts. The UK’s leading SEO tips and tricks expert and consultant for new websites. With more than a decade of experience of working in the SEO industry you can honestly admit that no one would last this long if they didn’t deliver results or didn’t know what they’re doing. WordPress websites that are brand new are the reason why SEO TT is considered Britain’s SEO expert.

Mobile website creation

Mobile web design for mobile phone websites

Mobileart offers mobile website creation and mobile web design for mobile phone websites. The web design is built for smartphones and is also optimised for SEO. It’s also SEO company that provides SEO services for new websites by taking advantage of the vast experience of UK SEO specialists. The team at Mobileart is committed to deliver excellent results for new websites and specifically for websites that use WordPress as the Content Management System or CMS.

SEO Packages UK London businesses

SEO Packages UK
SEO services represent one of the leading methods for any business, small or large to gain online acknowledgement. Providing varied and personalized SEO packages for companies based in the UK, HED Solutions London SEO will assure you of high rankings in search engines. SEO for companies, SEO for new businesses and SEO for new websites are only a few of the services delivered by London SEO Company HED Solutions.

UK’s Trusted web directory

UK’s Trusted web directory
UK’s Trusted is a directory featuring numerous categories that is safe and reliable. As the name suggests this is a directory website that can be trusted and where only high quality links are being added. As the variety of categories is very big, no matter what type of category you are looking for it is most likely you will find it and will be able to add your link at the press of a button.

Above Time, a UK directory

Abovetime Web Directory of UK
Above Time is a UK directory featuring the most recognisable brands in the country. As numerous categories are available, there is something for everyone. If you’re a petrol head go to the Automotive category, if you are a businessman then go to ‘Business and Services’ and so on. One important feature of this UK directory is that all pages are printable, thereof available in offline mode.



At eBayStoreDesigner, you get Professional and high quality designs for your eBay Store Front. We have an expert team of highly trained Store Designers who understand the fine points of eBay Designing. The result – You get the finest eBay Shop Designs from us!

SEO for new websites Webvolt

SEO for new websites
Do you have a new website/domain? We specialise in New Website SEO to achieve top rankings for keywords that will really send you targeted visitors ready to inquire. We build SEO with long term results in mind by using a natural SEO campaign and we specialize in WordPress, which is probably the best CMS for new websites. Why? Probably because WordPress doesn’t generates 404 errors by having a full auto link-redirecting feature; it also has the best content to code ratio having a simple and short coding (unless your designer has stuffed it with complex templates, plugins and scripts). So if you need SEO for new websites you have come to the right place.

SEOTT – SEO Articles

SEO TT – SEO info
SEOTT is the first true SEO portal that features SEO news for both the experienced and the inexperienced in the SEO industry. If you were looking for a place where you will find together SEO tricks, SEO tips and SEO articles then you are in the right place because SEOTT manages to bring them all together in one spot for everyone to see. This SEO portal has a bright future ahead because SEO is a blooming industry.

Furniture Directory UK

Furniture Directory UK is a United Kingdom based high quality fitted furniture finder and directory that offers a clean list of furniture manufacturers and fitters of bedroom furniture and all kind of fitted wardrobes for kitchen or living. is a well known web directory for businesses related to furniture.

Social media marketing company

House of ranks
Social media marketing company, Digital marketing services. HOUSE OF RANKS (HOR) is one of the best Social Media and Digital Marketing company who is taking step to promote feature, make easy links through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, YouTube and Social Media Optimizers on website. We help to deliver active, easy-to-understand Social Media Marketing solutions to determined small businesses. We develop challenging comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals, let alone implement it effectively without informed guidance.