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Proofreading Services
Winning Words Write, Edit, Translate’s prices start from £0.005 per word for proofreading dissertations/manuscripts or Copywriting services in UK and go up on a sliding scale, depending on the standard of writing. With no minimum fee, a guide price for proofreading 500 words is £3, and to write 500 words from scratch is between £10-30, depending on the research and writer involved. Winning Words offers top quality, competitively priced: basic spelling/grammar/punctuation proofreading in-depth proofreading (as above with content accuracy, vocabulary, typography, style, syntax, clarity and consistency addressed) translation into perfect English from Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian or French
translation from English to perfect Spanish, Italian, Dutch or French
re-writing existing text writing straight from our creative minds (to your site or in Word/PDF format)